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Simple, playful, interactive.

Tell us how you feel and discover thousands of playlists.
You will soon be able to find artists, events, brands, people... And more!

100% Free

And forever, we promise.

100% unlimited

Ads free.

100% mobile

Where you want it and when you want it.

100% music

Thousands of unlimited playlists.

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A tailored musical world with a unique design.

Suitable for everyone. Entirely customizable.


Tell us how do you feel, we'll do the rest!


Discover a new universe, 100% music discovery.

An infinite amount of playlists

+100 milion of tracks, compiled by activities, genres and emotions.


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By participating to our campaing on Ulule, you did not only allow us to exist but you validated a concept. And this is the most important thing!

Frequently Asked Questions

What everybody asks.

What is SoundR ?

SoundR is an app to discover music born in early 2016 and aiming to build a community of passionate individuals.
There are several skills behind SoundR (development, design, marketing, communication)... but many musicians as well.
If you feel like you belong here, join our community!

Is it really free and ads free?

It is our main concept. We believe being able to listen to music should be free. All of our playlists are free, with unlimited listening and ads free.

How can I get the app?

SoundR app is currently available on the Play Store and the Apple Store! Please, do not hesitate to give us some feedback!

How can I get in touch with the team?

Any issue? Comments? Suggestions?
Feel free to send us your feedback! After all, we are getting better thanks to you: By email or on

How do I join the team?

You wish to be part of our family?
We are always looking for new skills and talents. If you have the motivation go take a look at our Jobs section.

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